Post surgical infection MRSA Staff vs Hyperbarics

Referred for VHBOT on June 18, 2013, following Surgery June 10 to remove large mass located between skin and abdominal wall left flank area. No Biopsy performed at this time. Surgery area became inflamed from prior trauma and suggestive of secondary bacterial infection. This was considered to be life threatening and a possible progressive necrotizing soft tissue infection. Deemed medically necessary and the evidence supported the use of systemic VHBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) in this instance. The indications for the use of Hyperbaric medicine is the development of hypoxic tissue resulting in necrosis and infection. VHBOT resulted in reperfusion of ischemic areas, saturation of oxygen decreases leukocyte adherence, reducing systemic toxicity. VHBO limited the spread and progression of infection. VHBO as an adjunct therapy enhances the therapeutic effects of the chosen Veterinary antibiotics. Hyperbaric therapy made this outcome affordable and successful.





Degloving Wound

Referred for Hyperbaric Medicine March 24, 2014. With this extensive degloving wound. Sleeping under a truck Milly startled and jumped up and her beautiful coat was caught in the drive shaft as it was engaged, resulting in this life threatening degloving wound which included her right flank, lower abdomen, and both inside thighs. You can see the drastic tissue change on the first session. Hyperbaric therapy eased her pain and saved her exposed tissues even on the first session. Milly had a total of 15 sessions proving VHBOT is an affordable and viable therapy.