Natural air contains nearly 21% Oxygen, and approximately 78% Nitrogen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses 100% pure oxygen and pressure to increase the amount of oxygen to all cells of the body, including the brain. This is up to ten times the normal amount of oxygen that will be carried by the plasma reaching all cell structures of the patient. These high oxygen levels over a series of treatments have a positive effect on many of the systems of the body.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Works

  • By elevating tissue oxygenation, HBOT promotes healing. 
  • Using this therapy accelerates recovery. 
  • HBOT is an adjunctive therapy that works well with antibiotics and other drugs. 
  • HBOT increases the effect of the white blood cells function increasing their ability to kill bacteria.

Advantages of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT can:

  • Decrease chronic or acute inflammation
  • Inactivate and remove toxins
  • Provide stimulation of damaged nerve and brain cells
  • Increase growth of new capillary blood vessels
  • Increase the destruction of harmful bacteria
  • Enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics
  • Reach the desired target destination even if walled off by the body
  • Promote immune system health

HBOT has proven to be effective for:

  • Crush Injuries - Reperfusion
  • Bone Infection - Osteomyelitis
  • Lyme's Disease
  • Compromised Wounds
  • Sudden Blood Loss
  • Severe Necrosis (Snake or Spider Bite)
  • Severe Burns
  • Infertility (Male or Female)
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Smoke Inhalation
  • Septic Arthritis (Joint Infection)
  • Sinus Infection
  • Enteritis and Endotoxemia
  • Kidney Failure
  • Cancer - adjunctive therapy (potentiates cancer therapies)